Upgrade Your 3.5mm Microphones

The D-XLR can convert 12-48V Phantom Power down to 3V ‘Plug-in Power,’ which allows microphones with 3.5mm TRS connectors to run off Plug-In Power. The D-XLR is specially designed for our V-Series of microphones to trigger their Smart 3.5mm TRRS outputs with bias power from a standard XLR input.

Take Your On-Camera Microphone Off The Camera

The D-XLR enables the V-Mic D3 Pro to be used on a boom pole, allowing the V-Mic D3 Pro to record cleaner, more professional audio during an interview. At the same time, the D-XLR has no adverse effect on microphones like the V-Mic D3 Pro in terms of signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion or sensitivity. The D-XLR uses a 3.5mm TRS standard wired input* that is gold-plated so that contacts on the plug make a better connection.

*Will not work with 3.5mm lavaliers wired for Sony UWP.


The D-XLR was specially designed to fit in the groove in the Rycote pistol grip shock mount handle. The snug fit and rubber surface offer more than enough friction to hold it in place while swinging a boom pole.


NOTE The black curve is the frequency response curve of the V-Mic D3 Pro, and the yellow curve is the frequency response curve of the V-Mic D3 Pro going into the D-XLR.

Compatible Microphones

• V.Lav
• V-Mic D3
• V-Mic D3 Pro
• Other 3.5 Standard TRS microphones


Weight: 29.2g
Dimensions: 69.7mmH x 19mmW x 19mmD
Voltage: 12-48V Phantom
Bias Voltage: 3V
SNR: 80.9dB
THD: 0%
Input: 3.5mm Standard TRS
Output: 3 Pin XLR
Metal: CNC Aluminum

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