What is Deity Smart 3.5mm Technology?


A Smarter Way to Connect

Inside every V-Series microphone from Deity lives a microprocessor that handles all the adapting of the audio. But why is that even needed?

The problem is, microphone companies and audio device makers do not talk to each other. In some cases they even go out of their way to make the microphone input on their device different, hoping to lock you into their brand of microphones. At Deity Microphones we want to make microphones that remove the guessing game and are instead truly Plug-And-Play. The last thing you should be worried about is having to hunt down adapters.

The Problem With 3.5mm Microphone Inputs

Above you will see our Deity Smart Cable with numbers along the jack. We at Deity use 3.5 TRRS jacks on all of our V-Series Microphones. This way we can adapt our TRRS automatically down to a TS, TRS, or another type of TRRS.

The problem in the past has been some manufacturers, like Sennheiser, wiring their audio transmitter with what’s called the Standard Pinout. The tip (1) on their devices is the one that supplies the 1-10v bias power to the microphone.  But companies like Sony choose to put the audio/bias voltage on the Ring (2). While other companies like Azden, with their latest wireless kit the Azden Pro-XD, choose to make their microphone jacks TRRS and put the bias voltage on the Sleeve (4). DSLR and other manufactures that add stereo 3.5mm jacks to their devices often put bias voltage on both Pins 1 and 2. Now let’s add headset jacks to the mix where a few of the pins are used for speakers and the ground wire is shared with the microphone’s return. Plus you sometimes will find cellphone and laptop makers putting the bias voltage on Pin (3) OR Pin (4). And sometimes the same cellphone maker will do it differently across their various devices.
If you find this confusing you aren’t alone.

All of our V-Series microphones feature a microprocessor, making them truly smart microphones.

The Solution

We fix this confusion by adding sensors to each pin that sense the bias voltage and then use that information to create a solution that automatically adapts the Deity Smart 3.5mm TRRS plug to mimic a TS, TRS, or TRRS plug and all the possible variations of their wiring by different manufacturers. This means no more adapters. And the best part is this works with any TRRS to TRRS cable you plug into any of our V-Series microphones. We provide the Deity Smart Cable, a premium coiled TRRS cable, with our microphones, but if you need a longer solution you can buy any TRRS 3.5mm cable and be up and running immediately.
The solution we created isn’t 100% perfect. We have tested over 100+ devices and have found about a handful that do not provide bias voltage on any pins at all. And a couple of mobile phone makers that do not turn on the bias voltage using the default camera app (not Android wide, just to these handful of mobile phone makers). We did discover if you use the Cinema FV-5 app on these Android phones that bias voltage is supplied and our V-Series microphones work just fine.
Deity Microphones is committed to making unique microphones and products that get the job done. Launched by a TV location sound mixer, Deity Microphone’s roots are planted in knowing what kind of equipment working professionals need in their kit.



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