Deity Studio Mic

The USB-C / 5pin XLR Hybrid Studio Microphone

One Studio Mic To Do It All

The Deity Studio Mic is the ultimate versatile microphone. Giving you the options to use it in nearly any setup, with any workflow, and in any room.  The Studio Mic is changing what you should expect from a large diaphragm condenser.

Studio Ergonomics

The Studio Mic was designed for use in a studio first and foremost. The last thing you need is a microphone the size of a 2-liter bottle blocking your view of your laptop or lyrics. We also wanted to position all the controls on the front of the microphone so you could quickly make changes. We also added an easy to reach mute button for the podcasters/streamers out there when they need to cough or speak off mic during a live show.

Ultra Low Self Noise

The Deity Studio Mic delivers clear, natural sound at a super low noise floor. By employing high-end components in the audio circuit we are able to build a microphone with a noise floor 10dB A-Weighted. This makes the Deity Studio Mic the quietest microphone we’ve ever built.

USB-C and 5pin XLR

We wanted to give people the option to use the Deity Studio Mic any way they wanted. You shouldn’t feel locked into using your microphone only one way. Sometimes you want to quickly setup and just plug it into your laptop or phone. Other times you may want to mix it with other microphones you have and need dual isolated balanced outputs via XLR.  In the world of podcast and bedroom musicians growing into full radio shows and studio album projects, your microphones shouldn’t become disposable, they should grow with your career.

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Spec List:

THD <0.5% Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Self Noise 10dB A-Weighted Operating Principle Pressure Gradient
Impedance 200 Ohms Capsule Type Pre-Polarized Condensor
Gain Range -10dB to +10dB Capsule Diaphragm 35mm Dual-Diaphragm
Low Cut 75Hz, 150Hz Polar Pattern Cardioid, Wide Cardioid, Super Cardioid
Stereo, Figure-8, Omni
Mute Push-Button Channel Selection Mono/Stereo
Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS Sample Rate 24bit / 48Khz
Output Type USB-C / 5-Pin XLR / TRS 3.5mm Maximum SPL 134dB SPL
Operating Voltage 48V Phantom Power, 5V USB Sensitivity -46dB

Coming Soon

What’s Included In The Box:

  • Deity Studio Microphone
  • 5pin Female XLR to Dual 3pin Male  XLR Splitter
  • USB-C Cable
  • Microphone Shock Mount
  • Microphone Foam Windscreen

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Deity Microphones is committed to making unique microphones and products that get the job done. Launched by a TV location sound mixer, Deity Microphone’s roots are planted in knowing what kind of equipment working professionals need in their kit.

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